Learn and Earn.

CryptoUnmasked exists to help retail investors understand Bitcoin and why Bitcoin, along with the cryptocurrency market, is a legitimate investment. Additionally, CryptoUnmasked provides tools to help crypto investors maximize their earnings potential through crypto interest savings accounts.

The story of Bitcoin is unbelievable. What was once referred to as a "ponzi scheme" and "magic internet money" is finally being recommended by Wall Street as an investment. A recent survey shows that 73% of millionaires plan to own cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin by the end of 2022. There's 49 million millionaires in the world. In 2022 there will be around 19 million Bitcoin in existence, or 15 million if you exclude Bitcoin that have been lost.

The investment story of Bitcoin is convincing and wealthy investors are catching on. Unfortunately, it's the retail investor who typically gets left behind — selling low and buying high. If you're an individual investor with no exposure to crypto, consider the ancient Chinese proverb of the tree as it applies to investing in crypto. "The best time to invest in crypto was 10 years ago. The second best time is now."